Dear 2017…

The purpose of this blog is to (a) inform and educate my dear readers (b) give readers a snippet of my interests and personality.  I know my previous posts have been towards the educational, travel, or food category.  For this post, being that it’s the new year, I want to share with you on what I hope 2017 will bring in.

Dear 2017,

2016 was rough; enough said.  But just within these first twenty something days of 2017, I knew it will also be a challenge.  One of the hardest decision I had made this year is deciding to withdraw from my study abroad London program and coming back to USC for the semester.  If that experience has taught me anything, it is to expect the unexpected and be confident with your decisions.

I know you’re going to challenge me in every way, personally and professionally.  It is going to be a year of making decisions that will immensely affect my future.  No matter how much tears I shed or how many restless nights, I just hope that in the end, I will make the right choices.

Now that I am a year older, I hope you will continue to bring in positive new people into my life.  I have met some incredible people last year who are some of my closest friends now.  These are people who have brought more laughter and joy into my life.  As we all know, laughing is a not-so-secret way for a long life.  So please, continue directing them to me.

What I look for in you is spontaneity and adventure.  This is partially due to YOLOing, but my years as a college student are winding down.  Everyone is getting busier and busier with their own lives.  I want this year to have more yeses, than nos [Side note: The plural form of yes and no looks absolutely  weird].  I want to be able to spend time and create memories with them while we are all here and nearby.

2017, continue to push me, to challenge me.  I know my hard work now will be worth it down the line and it will lead me to become a better person.  I look forward to seeing you everyday until midnight strikes on December 31, because then, I look forward to someone else: 2018.


Celestine Yeh


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