Curious About Who Am I?

Well, you came to the right place.  This young woman has an affinity for learning, whether it is to learn a new skill to advance my career or random survival skills like what to do when you get caught in a quicksand (Thank you Lonely Planet).  I push myself to constantly learn and try different things because not only does it satisfy my curious mind, but also allows me to keep expanding my worldview.

But really though, who are you?

Patience grasshopper.  My name is Celestine Yeh and I am currently studying at the University of Southern California (fight on!), majoring in Communication with an emphasis in mass media and minoring in Consumer Behavior.  I am interested in pursing a career in either digital marketing or marketing research.  Rather than writing sentences more about me, here are some flash facts:

  • Favorite cuisines: Indian, Japanese, French
  • Three words to define me: Curious, Bookworm, Passionate
  • Travel goals: Go to all seven continents (yes, that includes Antartica) before I turn 30 and do a trans-continental railroad trip from Europe to Asia
  • Role models: Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, Elon Musk
  • Where I see myself in 5 years: pursing a fulfilling career that I am highly passionate about that allows me to meet people from all over the world and travel to far and near
  • Life motto: You don’t know unless you try

Now that I know you a bit more…what will you be writing about?

Good question.  What I want to write about are mainly categorized into travel, food, academics, current events, and possibly fashion.  The name of this blog is a reflection of my personality to be curious and to discover and explore new interests.  I have a list of topics that I want explore so definitely be on the lookout!  If you have any suggestions on topics, feel free to reach out to me at Contact Me.



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