Communication vs Communications: Yep, There’s a Difference

A former professor sent me this article recently and it talks about one of the fundamental concepts of communication.  What irked me most about reading this article is how the author used the word “communications” and even describes himself as “deliberate and powerful communications” in his LinkedIn profile.  As a communication major, this bothered me immensely so I want to use this short yet informational post to explain what is the difference between the word communication and communications.

The Difference

Communication is defined as the process in which senders use messages to influence receivers.  As simple as that.  It is what we do everyday with our friends, families, and strangers.

Communications is usually defined as a system of communication that send messages aka telecommunications, so cable, fiber optics, radio, etc.  

It is amazing what one letter can do to change the entire meaning of a word no?

For a professional who calls himself an expert in communication, he should know the difference.  Customers look up to him for guidance, yet he is passing off wrong information.  This not only hurts the customers when they go off to do their own thing, but also it hurts this professional’s credibility.

So readers, avoid this mistake in the future because now you know the difference.  Good luck and…

My inner geek could not resist.



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