Why You SHOULD Wear a Watch

I’ll admit: I was NOT at all a fan of wearing watches for a long time.  It was not until junior year of high school after much of my parents insistence that I started wearing one and it has been life-changing.  I cannot leave the house without my watch or else my outfit does not feel  complete.

In this age of technology where we defer to using our smartphones, tablets, or whatever gadgets out there to tell us time, it might seem like the watch is obselete.  I disagree and here’s why.

Rude To be Always Looking at the Phone

By doing so, it gives you the impression that are you’re bored, in a rush, or simply not enjoying the moment.  I have seen an interview where the the applicant brought along his phone to check the time almost every three minutes.  Needless to say, he was not accepted.  Wearing a watch allows you check the time slyly, but just don’t overdo it.

More Conscious of the Time

You’re able to check the time in less than one second my looking down at your watch rather than pulling out your phone from your pocket or bag.  Thus, you are more aware of the time slipping by and what other things you need to do before the day is up.

Makes You Feel Like an Adult

Majority of the professionals all wear some type of watch, whether it is $10 to $300,000.  Bill Gates is known for wearing his $10 watch.  In the James Bond movies with Daniel Craig (He is a professional!  Just happens to be fictional.), 007 is wearing the Omega Seamaster 300 for $7,500.


Feel Naked Without It

When wearing a watch becomes a habit, you naturally become attached to it and it feels wrong to leave the house without.  On those rare occassions you do forget to wear the watch, your sense of time is completely thrown off.

A Worthy Accessory Investment

Watches are another accessory where you can show off your characteristics.  Do you like to go all bling with diamonds or a more subtle timeless timepiece?  Depending on what type of watch you buy, you can expect some type of ROI in the long run if you take care of it properly.  You can build a collection and pass it down to future generations.  That is something you can’t quite do with a smartwatch since technology is always changing so fast.  The smartwatch you might have now is the IT watch, but in two years time, it will seem obselete.

Here are some watches do you get you started:

Shinola Coin Edge Leather Strap Watch ($650)
Daniel Wellington Classic St. Mawes Stainless Watch, Women’s ($85)
Fossil Swiss Made Day/Date Leather Watch ($250)
Timex Weekender Chrono ($60)

What type of watches do you wear?  Leave it on the comments below!


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