The New Hidden Taiwanese Gem in West LA

Tucked away on Beverly Blvd, M Con (Modern Convenience) is a two month old Taiwanese influence restaurant that serves Instagram worthy food that tastes just as good as it looks like scallion bun sandwiches, rice and salad bowls, and some other street market food with a twist.

The only reason I discovered this gem was because I am currently interning in West Hollywood and one day after work, I had to run some errands with my family around the area and wanted to grab some food.  I did not want to be stuck in that infamous LA traffic with a hungry stomach.

Everything looked good on the menu so it was hard to decide.  We ended up ordering:

Turnip cake fries ($4) and night market fried chicken scallion bun sandwich ($8.50)
FullSizeRender 3.jpg
“Three Cup” Dip ($8.50)
FullSizeRender 2.jpg
Half eaten (oops) pork belly and ribs bowl ($10)

My favorite has to be the night market fried chicken scallion bun sandwich.  It was fried perfectly that the chicken was still juicy every single bite and the condiments that go with it complement it very well.  Definitely recommend this one.

I was excited to try M Con’s turnip cake fries, but after taking my first bite, it was a bit of a letdown.  The breading on the fries were bit thick and hard so it was not appealing.  Traditional turnip cakes are lightly grilled on the outside so on the inside, it is still soft.  This was not the case for the fries.  Pass.

The Three Cup dip was…interesting.  It was trying to emulate the spices used in the traditional three cup rice dish, but it came off more as a Thai tasting dish due to the spices used.  The dipping sauce that accompanied the sandwich was lackluster too.  I put some of their homemade secret sauce on the sandwich instead and that gave it the kick that I was looking for.  Try with secret sauce instead or just pass altogether.

Now the pork belly and ribs bowl.  Great dish.  The pork belly and the ribs had that “home” Taiwanese taste of the traditional preparation, which led the meat on the ribs to easily fall off.  The juice from the meat gives the rice a nice sweet and meaty flavor.  Paired with the the pickled vegetables, furikake, and the optional homemade sauce, it combined the refreshing flavors of sweet and spicy.  Recommend.

I will be back for sure.  I want to try some of their other items on the menu like Birds Nest with Eggs and Trailblazer sandwich.  Check out their Yelp for more deliciousness.  If you are ever in the West side and crave some Taiwanese, here is your new go-to place.  Thank me later.


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